Welcome to Gail Frederick School of Dance

Recital Dates


June 4, 5, & 6

*If we close with the other schools, these dates may change.  Please continue to check our facebook page, the message on our answering machine and our website for updated information.



Things have  moved quickly since the decision to temporarily cancel classeses.  There are still so many uncertainities.  We are going to be out a bit longer than I had hoped.  I promise we are going to do our very best to do a recital at some point and showcase all of your beautiful dancers.

My  dance teachers will be doing a video of each recital dance they are teaching.  Some dances may be incomplete due to stunts and transitions that must be done in person.  However, this will definitely benefit everyone if they can work on their choreography at home!  We are researching ways to post these dances so please  continue check FB and website for additional information.  For younger classes I am posting class times as young children may not know the names of their songs. 


We pray the situation will get better soon and that each of you stay safe and healthy throughout these scary times.  Please check Facebook or our website daily for any changes or call 606-523-1395 for announcements on status of classes.  We love you all and pray our country gets back to normal soon.  God bless each of you!

Ms. Gail & Staff


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                                                              is about more  than the steps.

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                                                                      Life Lessons